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Milwaukee Home Remodelers Install Custom Cabinets

Kitchen re-designers at Reality Construction turned this small, cramped corner into a beautiful, economical kitchen space with custom cherry cabinets. Custom installed windows bring in natural light cast upon the dark finish of the cabinetry, which lines the outer walls to create the most possible storage space.

We maximize space by utilizing narrow cabinets to fill gaps due to varying sizes of appliances. Check out the six inch single door base and wall cabinets next to the tall pantry cabinet. Reality Construction works with the best manufacturers and producers of cabinets to ensure you’ve got the most options when filling out wall or floor space in your new kitchen.

Custom Granite Countertops are an Eye-Popping Highlight

Granite counters can potentially add a significant “wow” factor to your new kitchen. Of all the new additions you may make to your kitchen, nothing else “pops” quite like a natural stone countertop. Granite countertops are naturally heat, scratch and stain resistant, and come with a wide variety of natural imperfections to give it an immersive look.

Ask us about our various options for custom countertops, including quartz, stone, marble and even new quartzite tops.

Natural Stone Backsplash with Accent Under Cabinet Lighting

Reality Construction installs minimalist and subtle aesthetic additions to give your kitchen a special look. For this Milwaukee kitchen, we installed puck lighting under the cabinets for a soft yellow glow, highlighting a light stone backsplash. No matter the wall color, trim, appliance color or countertop style, we create custom backsplashes and accent lighting to bring out the best of your dream kitchen.

Milwaukee Kitchen Renovating Contractors Revamp Your Entire Space

No kitchen area is too small to work with, as long as you trust experienced professionals to take the reins and organize your area to maximize storage and workspace. Reality Construction routinely creates 30% more space in Milwaukee kitchens after a full remodel. You may look upon your small kitchen and wonder how anyone can make it workable. You won’t believe what the kitchen remodelers at Reality Construction are capable of doing.

When you need to visualize your new kitchen, the owners of Reality Construction prepare a design using 3D modeling software, giving you the best possible representation of how your new kitchen will look, without you having to invest a dime.

Once we’ve quoted you on the project, we commit to the price and won’t waver. The price we quote you is the price you pay. Period.

For more information on our Wisconsin home remodeling services, contact the Milwaukee home remodeling contractors at Reality Construction, LLC today.

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