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Sharp Corners Highlight the Attention to Detail in This Kitchen Remodel

Similar to the Mequon Kitchen Remodel Project, Reality Construction LLC was able to fit a lot in one space without making it feel crowded. The cabinets feel as if they fit together like a puzzle, an impressive effect that reflects the project’s sensible and calculated conception. All possible counter space is utilized, and the refrigerator has been give wood paneling, adding a touch of class to the space by disguising the stainless steel appliances.

A Closer Look at a Close Fit—Exceptional Execution

This closer shot reveals intelligent decisions and techniques used to help open an otherwise tight, enclosed space. It is clear this kitchen is not that large, but having the cabinets go up to the ceiling draws your eye up and helps open the space. The use of a peninsula wrapping around the room helps steer your eyes as well, helping keep the room from feeling flat or otherwise completely box-like.

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